Donate To The Student Athlete Project

It is a known fact that students who participate in sports tend to do better in school. Skills such as time management, goal-setting, and determination can be transferred into actions in the classroom as well as valuable assets on the court/field. While some parents are concerned with the time commitment of sports, students learn how to balance school and sports fairly quickly.

In addition, multiple studies have found that the exercise alone can improve learning, memory, and concentration. Students learn about teamwork and goal-setting when they are a member of an athletic team.

Communication, problem solving, and cooperation are all skills that are fine tuned during practices and games. Students also learn how to create a sense of community, build each other up, encourage each other and work with their strengths.

Students learn leadership skills as they mentor younger players, encourage team members, and set an example for others. The health benefits of being part of an athletic team are both mental and physical, hence YOLO FITTED's Mantra of fostering a STRONG MIND & STRONG BODY.

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